MeTooPay is an apolitical movement pushing for the end of illegal pay discrimination against women. Started by over 100 of the UK’s leading women, we want to: 


  • So that the true extent of the problem is understood
  • So that women know what to do if they think they are being treated unfairly
  • So that managers know about how to detect pay discrimination and how to address it
  • So that leaders of organisations want to enact change within their organisation


  • Transparency around pay and speaking with confidence 
  • Experts to come forward to offer their insight 
  • Men to support the campaign for change
  • Organisations of all sizes and locations to act 
  • More data to be made available to analyse pay by level 


Focused:our target is unequal, illegal, pay. There are other related subjects like the gender pay gap and women in leadership that need action, but our campaigning will be focused on ending illegal pay discrimination against women. We acknowledge the correlation between the gender pay gap and equal pay and will signpost relevant, related content.

Inclusive: This is a campaign for all women, whether they’re at the top of their industry or starting their careers, in full time work or the gig economy. We recognise that women of colour face the most frequent discrimination and that male allies will play a crucial role in finding the solution.

Caring:  We want people to share their stories so that others know they’re not alone and can learn the right lessons. But we’re conscious that doing so can place a strain on the people involved and we have a duty of care towards those whose cases we publicise.  We do not simply ‘rail against’ inequality but also provide pragmatic support by signposting and linking to advice, guidance and support services. We will also ensure that people can share their stories and seek advice confidentially. 

Collaborative:  Many organisations and individuals have campaigned against unequal pay over the years. We recognise there is a great deal of expertise and we do not seek to compete with this. Our aim is to work with them to end the problem – using work that’s already been done wherever possible and using our profile and convening power to build awareness of it. 

Determined: the time is right for change and we will mobilise our networks and resources to achieve it as quickly as possible.